We are specialist

Equitaly is a young Italian company specialized in the production of aluminum stirrups dedicated to the whole world of horses.

Technology and design, combined with the attention to details, are the main features of our products, all exclusively Made in Italy.

Equitaly is a brand of Amahorse.

Study and design

Equitaly offers a wide range of products that meet all the needs of the riders. Behind every model lies an in-depth study of balance and weight distribution, which guarantees a perfect position.

Equitaly stirrups are lightweight and have a very low center of gravity. This enables them to constantly keep their natural balance and be easily recoverable in case of accidental loss during the performance.

Perfect balance

Equìtaly products will offer the rider an excellent support to find his balance, without changing his style.

In fact, Equìtaly stirrups are designed to fit any type of attitude and adapt to different equestrian specialties.

Equitaly stirrups

Technology, design and attention to details, all exclusively Made in Italy.